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MikeL - A unique investment and planning specialist for all your needs.

Licensed in BOTH Real Estate & Insurance products.

  • Unique knowledge in investment, protection, and capital preservation techniques.
My Emphasis is on Buyers and their Needs:
  • Provides Buyers with Protection closing the transaction.
  • Helps Sellers present their property in the best way to Buyers.
Able to put together Multi-unit Residential and Commercial portfolios.

Personally built several custom homes.

  • Expertise in land acquisition and custom construction.
  • Extensive high-end property knowledge.
Know the difference between Sales & Marketing. (Ask me about this)


REALTY REALITY - The Facts About Working with an Independent Agent:

  • You "Hire" an Agent (Person)...Not a Company.

  • Big Company Names & Images ONLY Benefit the Agent.

  • Independent Agents report to You, not a large Brokerage Company.

  • All Agents & Companies can Promote and Market, but:

    • A Marketing Plan is Only 50% of the Process.

    • Few Agents Truly Know How to SELL.

    • Few Agents Really know How to Work with a Buyer.

  • Homes Don't SELL...Buyers BUY.

  • Bottom Line: It's the Effort & Skill of the Agent that Matters!!!